Does it Ever Feel Like Etsy has More Control Over Your Business than You Do?

You didn’t get where you are today by letting other people tell you what to do. But sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s calling the shots in your Etsy Shop. It seems like the customers Etsy sends you only care about price, and more knockoff shops appear every day.

You spend almost as much time re-listing your products every week and tweaking your keywords as you do actually creating your work.

And every time you feel like you’ve gotten things figured out it all changes. Your sales chart looks like a roller coaster every time Etsy messes with their search algorithm.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you are selling on Etsy or Etsy is selling you.

It’s Time to Get Off the Etsy Roller Coaster.


Being able to speak directly to the customers you want, the customers who will buy the products and pay the prices you need to charge to build a sustainable business.

Building a reliable revenue stream that isn’t subject to the whims of another company.

Owning an online store that costs less to run but makes more money, and puts you—and nobody else—in charge.

Introducing: The Ultimate Guide to Life Beyond Etsy

I created this course to help address a recurring pain point I kept hearing from my clients. They all knew how important it is to have a website that uses their unique brand to attract their ideal customers.

But they also thought that to build an online store of their own would be a long, difficult, and expensive process.

This course is designed to change all that.

You’ll learn how to pick the best platform and services to build an online store, how to set up the tools that will keep your store running smoothly, how to customize your site’s design to make it beautiful and irresistible to your customers, and how to find your dream customers and keep them coming back.

Sharon Fain, Founder/Director, Academy of Handmade Artists and Supporters“Knowing what goes into a website can be very confusing. And often you don’t know what you don’t know. Having someone like Jeff guide you through the process is huge! You will be set up right—from the get go. Jeff is wealth of knowledge and help to the maker community!” — Sharon Fain, Founder/Director, Academy of Handmade Artists and Supporters

This is the Course for Etsy Sellers who want Lower Costs and Higher Profits for their Handmade Business

The Ultimate Guide to Life Beyond Etsy is a self-paced email course divided into three modules:

Module 1: Create the Blueprint for your Website with my Field-Tested Formula

We’ll start by envisioning what a successful website would mean for your business, for you, for your family. What would higher profits and less time spent running your business mean to you? Show More →

Module 2: Use Your Blueprint to Build an Online Store of Your Own

We’ll give your site a solid foundation with a reliable, secure web host.Then I’ll show you how to install and configure WordPress + WooCommerce the right way, with a beautiful theme and the essential plugins you need to make it fast and user-friendly for you and for your customers. Show More →

Module 3: The Secrets to Getting Consistent and High-Quality Traffic to Your Website

We’re not done when your website launches. I’ll show you how to keep your website working for you consistently and reliably with content marketing, social media engagement and SEO that speaks directly to your ideal customers. Show More →

What Do You Get When You Enroll?

The Ultimate Guide to Life Beyond Etsy includes:

  • An unlocked, printable PDF of all course materials
  • Access to the all of the custom plugin configuration files and guides
  • Unlimited access to me for the duration of the course

What does All of This Cost?

The cost to enroll in The Ultimate Guide to Life Beyond Etsy is a one-time payment of just $299.

That includes unlimited, lifetime access to the worksheets and the custom plugin configuration files and guides.

Oh yeah, and if you finish the course you also get an online store of your very own.

Enroll Me Now!

Janet Crosby“I already had a WooCommerce shop but found the worksheets to be very thorough and useful. I ended up switching hosts to SiteGround and rebuilding my WooCommerce shop again – this time thinking through each piece so it felt more cohesive.” — Janet Crosby, Janet Crosby Glass and Watercolor

My Promise to You

I want everyone who enrolls in The Ultimate Guide to Life Beyond Etsy to succeed.

Every piece of the course is designed to put you one step closer to the future you envision for your business, and I firmly believe that anyone who puts in the work to build an online store will achieve their goals.

But I know that sometimes the fit just isn’t right, so I offer a 7 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. If after the first week of the course you don’t think it’s right for you, for any reason, I’ll refund 100% of your enrollment fee. No questions, no hard feelings.

The Course Materials PDFs will be yours to keep, but access to the Plugin Configuration Files and Guides will end when your refund is issued.

Chris from Austin worked with dbdc to build an online store for his business“Moving off Etsy gave us the flexibility we needed to build a site that turns visitors into buyers and keeps them coming back. Now we focus on building an independent brand that speaks to the customers that are right for us.” — Chris Timberlake, Christopher Taylor Timberlake Fine Art Jewelry

This isn’t about trading one Boss for Another. This is your Declaration of Independence.

With all of the ways there are to build an online store, why invest in your own site and build an online store instead of using a hosted service like Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify?

With a hosted service like Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify, you only get to choose from the options that they give you. And if they get sold, or shut down, or change their policies in a way that hurts your business, you’re out on the street with nothing but whatever shop export file they give you.

But when you build an online store using an open platform like WordPress + WooCommerce, there’s only one person in control of your site: you.

You decide what your site looks like, what your shop policies are, how your price your products, how you communicate with your customers, what your payment and shipping options are—everything. And you are the sole owner of the listings and product info on our site.

The Ultimate Guide to Life Beyond Etsy is Made for You If…

  • Your Handmade Store is More than a Hobby;
  • You want to Make Your Living from Your Life’s Work;
  • You’re tired of another company being in control of how well your business does;
  • You want to reach the customers who will buy the products that will allow your business to thrive;
  • You’re ready to Stop Renting and Start Owning the Foundation of Your Business.

This Course Gives Your Business Something that Nobody can Take Away.

This course will teach you skills and techniques you need to build an online store and market it successfully. Those skills and techniques aren’t specific to any one platform or technology. They are tools that you’ll be able to use for the lifetime of your business.

And because you will finish this course with a site built on free and open software, nobody will own your future but you.

When you complete The Ultimate Guide to Life Beyond Etsy you’ll have a brand, positioning, marketing strategy, and a website blueprint to follow as you build an online store for your business. And you’ll have the know-how to keep all of those things up to date and working for your business for the long haul.

I’m in! Sign Me Up Me Now.

Whose Idea was this, Anyway?

Jeff Daigle, Founder, dbdc
I’m Jeff Daigle, and I’m the founder of Denver Business Design Consulting (dbdc to its friends). For over 20 years I’ve designed, built, and tested web sites, brands, databases, desktop & web apps, and buildings, and worked in industries including higher education, architecture firms, international software companies, and tech startups. I’m a licensed Architect and a member of the Academy of Handmade Artists and Supporters. Now, as a small business owner myself, my goal is to help artists, makers, and small businesses grow their revenue, reduce their workload, and achieve their dreams of making a living by doing what they love.

Questions that are Asked Frequently, and Their Answers:

Q: How much time do I need to set aside for this course?
I know we’re all busy, so I designed The Ultimate Guide to Life Beyond Etsy to be as efficient as possible. To get the most out of the course, plan on committing about 8 hours a week for 6 weeks to the course. If that sounds like a lot, it breaks down to 1-2 hours a day. And remember what you’ll be getting at the end of six weeks: a brand new online store that will help you reach more customers, increase your revenue, and spend less time managing your shop.

Q: Is this only for Artists and Makers?
Artists and Makers transitioning from Etsy will get the most out of this course, but anyone selling items online—handmade or not—can benefit from learning to build an online store. If you’ve been wanting to build your own website and online store for your business, this course will help you get there regardless of what your product or service is.

Q: Why can’t I just hire someone to do this for me?
Courses like this are great for business owners who don’t have the financial resources to hire a pro to build an online store, but have the time and the drive to teach themselves how to do it themselves. But if you’re in a position where your time is scarce but you can afford to make a bigger investment in your business, contact me and I’d be happy to talk with you about your unique needs.

Q: What if I need more coaching after the course is over?
I have room in my schedule for a limited number of long-term coaching engagements. If you’d like to talk about this more, contact me so we can see if we are a good fit for each other.

Get the Independence that You and Your Business Deserve.

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