Do you have an existing eCommerce website that’s looking a little tired? The Update package includes the eCommerce Website Checkup service, and takes it further with implementation of the recommendations. We’ll also give your site a new Responsive, mobile-friendly visual theme, and implement any new features you’ve been wanting add.

Cost: Starting at $2500
Timeline: 4 Weeks +

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If it’s been a while since your eCommerce website was last updated, this project will give it a new lease on life. We’ll take advantage of all the current advances in web development to build a site that loads and responds more quickly, looks fantastic on any screen, proudly represents your brand, and is set up for targeted SEO and Social Engagement. Best of all, you won’t have to migrate all your content and product listings to a whole new site—we’ll upgrade everything with them in place.

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Q: What factors affect the cost and duration of the project?
A: The base price assumes a site that already has high-quality product photos and descriptions, will be staying on its current web host, and is being upgraded to the latest version of the same platform it is on currently and not being moved to a totally different platform. It also assumes that we will be using an existing premium theme and modifying it, as opposed to building one from scratch. If your situation is different, we’ll work together to develop a proposal that meets your needs, and your budget!

Q: What is included?
A: This service includes everything in the “Website and Online Store Checkup” service, along with upgrading all existing website software, verifying file and database integrity, and evaluating your current web host to see if it is configured with enough resources to support your site. Once that’s done we will select and customize a theme (or design a totally custom one from scratch if you select that option), define the functional requirements (features) of the site and install plugins or write custom code to make those features happen.

Q: What isn’t included?
A: I typically do not offer copy writing, product photography, writing product descriptions, or adding or modifying products (except for performing bulk imports).

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