Even the best sites need a tune-up now and then. I’ll put your eCommerce website through a 5 part review of its Security, Performance, SEO, Customer Experience, and Sales Funnel. Then I’ll provide you with a written report documenting what I found and my recommendations for making your site even better.

Cost: Starting at $200
Timeline: 5 Days

I’m Ready!


The internet and everything on it changes every day, and eCommerce websites need to evolve to keep up if they want to stay on top. The report I provide will include recommendations for quick wins—small changes you can make for big gains now—and long-term projects that will keep your site ahead of the curve. Lastly I’ll show you what metrics to watch to for early signs of trouble in the future.

Go for It!


Q: What determines the price for the checkup?
A: $200 covers a simple eCommerce site with 50 products or less. Sites that have larger numbers of products or features like wholesale pricing, product customization, or integrations with other external services will require a more in-depth review and will cost more, up to a max of $500. Contact me to get an estimate for your site.

Q: If I need help with implementing some of the recommendations, can you help?
A: Absolutely! We can put together either a one-time or a recurring project where I’ll make the changes to your site that the report recommends.

Q: Where do you get your data?
A: I’ll need access to your stores historical sales data, and to your Google Analytics account. If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, I can perform some of the same analysis using your hosting company’s server logs. Other data will come from me using your site as a customer would and taking down notes whenever I see something that’s getting between me and making a purchase.

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