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WooConf 2017 Presentation: Moving from Etsy to WooCommerce

One of dbdc’s core services is helping artists and makers with growing businesses make the move from Etsy to an online store of their own. Usually I recommend using the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, which is powerful, easy to use, and open source.

I had the honor of speaking on the subject at the 2017 annual world-wide WooCommerce Developers’ Conference, a.k.a. WooConf 2017. The conference itself was an amazing opportunity to meet people from all over the world who contribute code, provide customer support, write plugins, and build stores, and run businesses using WooCommerce.
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You Need an SSL Certificate. Here’s Why, and How to Get One.

HTTPS, SSL, tokenized transactions—if you sell anything online I’m sure you’ve heard the words before and have some sense of why they’re important for ecommerce. Without HTTPS and SSL Certificates all of your online transactions would be basically open for anyone to steal. But I still see stores out there without SSL Certificates, sending data over plain old, unprotected HTTP instead of HTTPS. HTTPS and SSL are important now—and they’re going to be getting a lot more important to Google.

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5 Keys to Building a Really Successful Maker Business: An Interview with Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Design

Ready to take your maker business to the next level?

Learn a few lessons from Ashley Schenkein. She runs the highly successful Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Design. This maker sells her work at her studio in Denver, in shops across Colorado and California, and on her online store at asjewelrydesign.com. Schenkein amasses thousands of likes on her beautiful and simple jewelry, which sells at competitive price points.

I sat down with Ashley for an interview, and gleaned five tips from her rise from conventional day job to designer extraordinaire.

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Taking Action: Using Your Business’s Voice to Work for Change

Last November, right after the election that turned the world upside down, I wrote about five reasons for hope to be found in the Handmade community and the economy around it. Almost a year later the world looks even more chaotic and overwhelming than ever. Some days I wonder if there is anything that will keep us from sliding over the brink. But on other days (like today) I remember that I, and many of you, have a way to speak louder. We run businesses that speak to people every day, on social media and in the products and services we put out into the world. And we can use our voices to take action. Continue reading “Taking Action: Using Your Business’s Voice to Work for Change”

Create Desire for Your Products the Ikea Way

How do you use your website to create desire for your products? You show a) the quality of your products and b) how they are different from similar items being sold elsewhere. Many small businesses think that means a home page with few product photos and a welcome paragraph talking about what makes their store unique. But take a look at the websites of big retailers selling in competitive markets. There’s not a single welcome paragraph in site. How do they create desire? Do they lead with their products or their story? The answer is that they lead with both.

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Don’t Write a Business Plan*

When I say don’t write a Business Plan, I know it’s a hard sell. If you say you’re starting a business one of the first things everyone will ask is: “Have you written a business plan?” Everyone wants to see it. The bank wants to see your business plan. So do your friends. And your spouse. And your dog. It’s true that before you hang out your shingle you need to have some idea of how your business is going to stay afloat. But in reality, making your Business Plan your first priority is one of the riskiest things you can do.
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61% of Abandoned Carts are Caused by this One Thing

An average of 69.23% visits to eCommerce sites result in abandoned carts. Seven out of ten customers who find something they want to buy on your site, and take the trouble of adding it to their carts, stop there and never come back—why? If you could rescue even a quarter of those abandoned carts your store’s sales would increase by over 150%. Well, guess what? 61% of customers say that they would stick with their abandoned carts if one single thing about the checkout process was different. Continue reading “61% of Abandoned Carts are Caused by this One Thing”

Alternatives to Etsy: Six Marketplaces Ranked

The tumultuous first half of 2017 has left many handmade businesses wondering about alternatives to Etsy. Changes at the top, layoffs, and a spate of new “experiments” all add to the normal level of uncertainty among sellers. It’s never a good idea to rely on a single sales channel for your business, but the question is what to supplement Etsy with? Setting up your own website gives you the best insurance, but marketplaces have their benefits as well. Read on to see how some of the top marketplaces compare to Etsy in terms of quantity, and quality, of customer traffic. Is one right for you? Continue reading “Alternatives to Etsy: Six Marketplaces Ranked”