Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Your Customers

It’s one of the (many) questions that keeps small business owners awake at night: How do I know that what I’m selling is what my customers want? It’s especially personal for artists and makers who sell handmade creations that are close to their hearts. But there’s a way to find out if your work is hitting the mark, one that a lot of businesses small and large overlook: talk to your customers!

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Two Easy Ways to Make your Product Images Unforgettable

For people selling art and handmade goods online standing out on Pinterest and Instagram is vital. How do you make your products stand out from the thousands of other product images on social media? Here’s the thing: with a couple of easy tricks  your product images will stick in your customer’s minds and make their way onto more Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds. Ready to find out how?

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How to find your Most Valuable Customer with Your Story

Have you ever given in to temptation and Googled yourself? It’s OK, you can admit it to me, it’s just you, me, and the internet here. For better or worse my Google footprint won’t be fueling any viral news articles. But what I do find fascinating is what all the “other” Jeff Daigles out there are up to.

For instance, there’s Jeff Daigle, owner of a plumbing and heating business; Jeff Daigle, the dentist; and there’s Jeff Daigle, Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy in Cambodia. All of us Jeff Daigles are different people who have accomplished different things, but to Google we’re not that different.

The same goes for your business and all of the other people out there making the same things that you do, but you have something that nobody else does: your story, and sharing that story is how to find your most valuable customer.

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SEO for Small Business Websites Part 2: Design for Better SEO

When people think of Search Engine Optimization, they tend to think of things like links, keywords, and meta tags. Those things are all very important, as you’ll know if you read part one of this series where we got into content optimization in detail. What some people don’t know, however, is that Google cares about design, too, and high-ranking websites use good design for better SEO. No, Google doesn’t judge you if you have too many pictures of cats on your site, but they do care about things that make your site easy for people to use and sites that make it simple for people to find the information they’re looking for. So right here in part 2 we’ll find out how design affects the SEO of your small business website.

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