What’s the most thrilling¬†moment when you start a new online store? Making it public and sharing it with the world might be your answer, but there’s one more moment that’s even better: making your first sale! Too often website and online store projects are 100%¬†focused on launching the site and lose sight of the website’s #1 job, making sales. So I am excited to announce a free, online event dedicated to helping online store owners get their first, and many more, sales: the Lift Off Summit.

To be honest, when Patrick Rauland first contacted me about participating in this online summit that he and Bob Dunn (a.k.a. BobWP) were planning my first reaction was “dammit, why didn’t I think of this?!?”. But my second reaction was to tell Patrick that I’d be thrilled to be a part. And when he showed me the lineup of speakers and topics I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you, the people I started dbdc to help.

What is the Lift Off Summit?

Lift off Summit is a full week of video interviews with eCommerce Experts happening from June 19th through June 23rd. Every day a set of 4 or 5 new interviews will be released, covering the following topics with these amazing speakers:

  • Affiliate Marketing – Pippin Williamson
  • Amazon – Kenn Kelly
  • Content Marketing – Nicole Kohler
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – Talia Wolf
  • Customer Retention – Nathan Barry
  • Etsy – Jeff Daigle
  • Facebook – Megan Adams
  • Google Analytics – Edward Upton
  • Instagram – Allie Barke
  • Kickstarter – Khiersten Ross
  • Local events – Jeremiah Prummer
  • Newsletter Marketing – Paul Jarvis
  • Pinterest – Dustin Stout
  • Postcard Marketing – Dustin Laverick
  • PPC – Amber Turrill
  • Retail – Jenn Epstein
  • SEO – Rebecca Gill
  • Twitter – Maddy Osman
  • Wholesale – Dave Bayless
  • Video Marketing – Kyle Adams
  • Why You Need to Choose a Channel – Patrick Rauland

How Much Does Lift Off Summit Cost?


That’s right! Sign up here and you will get to watch all of the interviews for free.

Each interview comes with a bonus, advanced topics video that you can get by purchasing an All-Access Pass. This pass will also give you access to download all of the videos, including the advanced topics, for you to keep forever.

The All-Access Pass is available now for only $97. The price goes up to $137 once the Summit starts of June 19th, and once the Summit is over the price will go up again to $197.

To book an hour of Q&A with each of people presenting at Lift Off Summit would probably run you at least $2000. Why miss the chance to get it all for 95% off? Grab your All Access Pass to the Lift Off Summit today!

Once again, it’s totally, 100% free to watch the Summit live. All you need to do is go here to register. I hope you can make it!