Why Did You Start Your Business?

Was it to spend all your time managing your website, online store, and social media marketing? Maybe it was to devote your life to fulfilling orders, managing inventory, and agonizing over pricing?

Or was it to chase your dream of making a living by doing what you love?

You are an artist. But you’re far from starving.

You’re a fixture on the craft fair, art show, and urban market circuit. A few shops around town have picked up your work. And you got so many orders through your Etsy store over the last holiday season that you sold out half way through December and spent the last two weeks of the year in the studio making more product and fulfilling orders. This year you’re starting your holiday build-up in June. So why does it feel like you’re running in place, not getting any closer to your goals?

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Latest Article from the dbdc Resource Library:
WordPress Security Decoded

WordPress Security Decoded - No CCTV Cameras Required

WordPress security is a topic that gets a lot of attention, both good and bad. If you listen to some people they’ll tell you that WordPress isn’t secure and using it will leave you wide open to hacks. True, WordPress sites are constantly being targeted by hackers but not because WordPress itself is inherently insecure. WordPress is a target for two reasons: one, it’s used more than any other website platform, and two, there are some common but easy-to-fix mistakes that people make when it comes to WordPress Security. Here’s how to fix them to make sure that hackers have no luck on your WordPress site. Read More »

Are You Running Your Business, or is Etsy?

Etsy is a great place for artists and makers to get started selling their handmade goods online. But when you’re on Etsy, you aren’t in control of your business—Etsy is.

No matter how much effort you spend marketing your work and tuning your store’s SEO, most customers will still tell their friends they found your product “on Etsy”. And all that marketing work can just as easily send customers to your competitor’s Etsy store, because it’s only a click away from yours.

Finally, the constant pressure to lower your prices means that to stay in the black you’re spending all your time maintaining your inventory by making more copies of your greatest hits, with no time left over for growing your business, growing as an artist, or sleeping.

It’s time to Take Control of Your Business’ Future.

You’ve succeeded at what you thought would be the hard part—getting your business off the ground and finding people who love your work enough to pay money for it. But it turns out the really hard part is what comes after that. You might have dreams of launching a new high-end line, of hiring people to help with logistics and production, or maybe opening your very own brick-and-mortar store or gallery someday. What’s it going to take to get you from where you are to where you dream of being?

We’ll plan, design, and build a beautiful and easy to use online store that is just as unique as your work and puts you in the driver’s seat, and we’ll develop a strategic plan for your pricing, staffing, and positioning that will attract your dream customers and give you the ability to create what they want.

Together, we’ll put you and your business on the road towards:

  • Taking control of your business’s online presence with a custom website and online store of your very own
  • Identifying your Ideal Customer and how to market to them most effectively
  • How to charge sustainable prices by building a strong brand in the right niche
  • Setting targets for growth and strategies for achieving them
  • Engaging with your past, current, and future customers with email lists and Social Media Marketing
  • Keeping your work in front of potential customers through continuous eCommerce-focused SEO

The result will be higher profit margins, more time to develop new product lines, complete control over your marketing, website, and online store, and a business that doesn’t need you 24/7 to survive.

“Working with Jeff helped us get focused on exactly what type of customer we wanted to reach. Moving off Etsy gave us the flexibility we needed to build a site focused on reaching those customers with the design and content that turns them into buyers and keeps them coming back.” Read the Case Study Now »

Photo of Chris, Jewelry Studio Owner

Are you ready to Build the Business—and the Life—that You Want?

My business is helping artists and makers grow their businesses. I don’t do that by just building you a website and store of your own—I partner with you to build your business strategy for your next phase of growth and draw a blueprint for working together to realize your dreams.

I know that in handmade there’s no such thing as one size fits all. To make sure that I provide the best results and the fastest return on my investment for all of my clients, I specialize in businesses with existing Etsy stores averaging at least 100 visits per day. My clients are ready to take the next step to grow their business with a store of their own and a brand, marketing, and business strategy designed to propel their revenue into the next stage of growth.

All my services are designed to grow your business and provide a solid return on your investment quickly. My goal for every client is to put them, not some other company, in control of their store and their marketing so that their Ideal Customers are beating a path to their door.

Read more about what goes in to a typical project in my article “How Does a Custom WordPress Website Help Your Business?”.

Who is dbdc?

Photo of Jeff Daigle, Founder of dbdc

I’m Jeff Daigle, and I’m the founder of Denver Business Design Consulting (dbdc).

dbdc helps artists and makers grow their revenue while reducing their workload. dbdc is unique because we don’t just build you a website and store of your own—we partner with you to build your business strategy for your next phase of growth and draw a blueprint for achieving your goals.

For over 20 years I’ve designed, built, and tested web sites, brands, databases, desktop & web apps, and buildings, and worked in industries including higher education, architecture firms, international software companies, and tech startups. I’m a member of the Academy of Handmade Artists and Supporters, and am a licensed Architect.

Now, as a small business owner myself, my goal is to help artists, makers, and small businesses grow their revenue and achieve their dreams of making a living by doing what they love.

What’s the Next Step?

Private 30-Minute Consultation

You want to make sure that we are a good fit for each other and have a chance to ask all the questions you have about what I can do for your business before we get any further, so I offer a free, private, and confidential 30-minute phone consultation to anyone who is considering working with me. Schedule it now—I’m looking forward to hearing about your business.