How can dbdc Help You?

Build a Website and Online Store of Your Very Own

Do you need a new online store? Or is your current store suffering from slow load times or a confusing catalog? dbdc can help you design, build, and optimize your online store to attract customers and maximize conversion rates.

Make Sense out of SEO, Social Media, and Online Marketing

Do you feel like you’re always one step behind when it comes to Social Media Marketing? Is there too much WTF in your SEO? Let dbdc help you automate your marketing, integrate social media with your store, and take the guesswork out of SEO.

Add Advanced or Custom eCommerce Features

Need help achieving PCI Compliance or getting serious about Wholesale? How about linking your Online Store to a physical Point-of-Sale system or moving to a whole new ecommerce platform? Whatever your goals are dbdc is here to help.

Are you Ready for Life Beyond Etsy? Download my Free Report: Build Your Own eCommerce Online Store Today

Building your own website and ecommerce online store is easier and less expensive than you think. This free report takes you through the tools you need to build your own store that you control without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to listing fees, constant changes, and a saturated market and say hello to the future of your handmade business!

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Resources for Artists and Makers

The dbdc Resource Library

Visit the dbdc Resource Library

The dbdc Resource Library contains dozens of articles to help you build a profitable and sustainable business. Topics include eCommerce, SEO, running your Website, Marketing, and more!

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Free Tools

Working and Planning

Worksheets, Calculators, Tip Sheets, and more that I’ve developed for my eCommerce Coaching clients. Includes the eCommerce Fee Calculator for 12 eCommerce platforms.

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Free 15-minute eCommerce Coaching Call

Are you stuck on how to approach a particular problem with your Online Store? Or maybe you have a question about overall strategy? Sign up now for a free, private, and confidential 15-minute phone call with me (a $50 value) to get some answers and inspiration.

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